Thanks to the anti shoplifting systems that we propose is possible to protect in the best manner the goods on display in your store. We offer solutions that are technologically advanced: small labels, almost invisible, applied on the various products and which together with the control barriers placed at the entry are able to signal every activity that may reveal abnormal and activate the alarm system.

The solutions proposed by Antitaccheggio Italia represent the optimal strategy for protection against retail shoplifting in department stores.

With a proper system for shoplifting prevention we can effectively protect the articles of every shop, thanks to functional labels that can be easily applied on the various articles on display and that together with barriers located on the entry-exit guarantee the necessary security for the protection of goods.

The anti-theft devices made available by Antitaccheggio Italia represent the highest expression as regards the protection of goods and articles in various shopping malls, stores, offices.

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