Shoplifting is a very common offence which is committed almost whole over the world. But, now, every super-stores and super-markets have installed various equipments to stop and catch shoplifters. Many kinds of security and anti-shop lifting equipments have been launched in the market. This has gained a remarkable success in reducing such offences.

The anti shop lifting device is designed in such a way that when a shoplifter is about to leave the store after stealing the stuffs from the store, the device detects the offender by raising the security alarm which is connected between the device and the tag which is attached with the products on display in the racks.

As mentioned, there are many companies which have launched several anti-shoplifting devices in the market. Of these, ANTITACCHEGGIO has become a world leader in the production of reliable, state-of-the-art anti-shoplifting and security systems. ANTITACCHEGGIO has been operating in the anti-shoplifting business for almost two decades.

Throughout the years they have acquired a vast experience and developed unequalled expertise. They offer customised solutions, such as Line Radio frequency, hard tags, paper adhesive labels and other installations applicable for clothing, libraries and bookstores, bookshops, music shops, opticians, sports goods, perfumeries, pharmacies and many other products.


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