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  • SV Impianti is an Italian company that manufactures industrial machines and crushing equipment useful for extraction industries and quarries. It takes care to realize both suction machines useful to remove excessive secretions during computer recycling and belt conveyor systems for their displacement, fully customizable to well adapt to all system plants. Among all products manages by SV Impianti, you can also find some kind of bucket elevator, able to carry meterials form a place to another higher.
  • Cim Italy is a leader company in the creation and customization of business credit cards, oriented to the most innovative technologies which the market needs. CIM Italy among their products counts different types of thermal printer for cards and business cards, machines to customize magnetic stripes. In CIM Italy website you can have a large view of all products in order to find out the best offers that can satisfy all your needs.
  • Kis is a trademark of a.b.m. Italy concerned to set about its products, derived from plastic processing, like swing bins, not only in the Italian market, but also in the foreing one, which now counts more than 80 affiliated countries. The many articles in plastic producted by Kis concern various corners of the home, with solutions to furnish the garden or others to organize other areas of the house, like multipurpose storage boxes where the items most frequently used. Instead tables and chairs in plastic, in addition to cabinets and some types of shelving go to outline the many combinations for the plastic outdoor furniture, having elegant and original shapes.

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